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Mimosa Acacia dealbata for sale UK?

Mimosa Acacia dealbata for sale online in the UK. Mimosa Acacia dealbata is a beautiful evergreen shrub with masses of fluffy, sweet smelling yellow coloured flowers. It is an excellent container plant that can be kept in a conservatory during winter and outside on the terrace or balcony during the summer period. Mature Mimosa Acacia dealbata trees can tolerate frost up to -5 degrees Celsius. Even after flowering, Mimosa is a stunning plant, with decorative feathered leaves. If you do wish you to plant this stunning shrub outside, a sheltered spot in the sun against a west facing wall is the best place for planting. This will protect the plant from harsh north-eastern winds.

Mimosa Acacia dealbata care UK

Mimosa Acacia dealbata needs care and attention to thrive. Plant in pots in well drained rich fertile soil. Take care when transplanting Mimosa Acacia dealbata to not damage the roots. Prune in early spring. Pruning isn’t difficult and requires little time. The best time to prune is after its flowering period in March or April. Simply cut back longer branches, as well as any dead or damaged branches. This promotes new growth and prevents seed development. Flowering branches grow during the summer and can be identified by little yellow buttons on the plant. This is why it’s not advised to prune Mimosa Acacia dealbata in the summer or autumn. Would you like to own a beautiful Mimosa Acacia dealbata tree? Buy yours online at

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