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BJ-2411343 Natria Ant Bait Station 2x - SBM

In stock:
1 January - 31 December

Natria Ant Bait Station 2x - SBM

Bulbs/packaging: 1
£ 7.99

There really is nothing worse than having a colony of ants invading your home. Natria Ant Bait stations help get rid of this annoying problem ecologically, fast, reliably and with ease. Each Natria Ant Bait Station pack includes 2 baits. Each bait station contains a substance (100% natural active ingredient) that will attract the ants. The ants then carry the bait back to the nest as food, which will serve to eliminate the colony, leaving your home free from ants.

Natria Ant Bait Station 2x - SBM will give real enjoyment in gardening! This exclusive garden supply can be used in every garden. All our products contain detailed information. We always offer the highest possible quality!

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