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Chionodoxa Glory of the snow

Chionodoxa Glory of the snow for sale! Discover our fantastic range of Chionodoxa Glory of the snow. Great quality against low prices. Buy Chionodoxa Glory of the snow online at
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      Chionodoxa (Glory-of-the-Snow) is a true garden asset

      Chionodoxa (Glory-of-the-Snow) is a beautiful perennial flower bulb that is very suitable for naturalization in the garden. Chionodoxa is a true garden asset with gorgeous lavender blue coloured, star shaped flowers, that will propagate through bulbs and seed, without hindering the growth of other plants. Glory of the Snow has a subtle fragrance and adds a nice touch of nonchalance and romance to the spring garden.

      Glory of the Snow: early flowering and low maintenance

      Glory of the Snow is an early flowering bulb, blooming from February to April, providing a beautiful lavender blue coloured carpet of flowers during springtime. Each year, Chionodoxa flowers more beautifully than the last. Chionodoxa is ideal for planting in grass, under trees and shrubs or planted casually in fields. Being a very low maintenance plant, Chionodoxa requires little attention after planting. Planted in the grass, after flowering, all you need to do is mow the lawn to get it pristine and ready for summer.

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