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Meadowsweet buy UK?

Meadowsweet, buy online in the UK! Meadowsweet (Filipendula) is a perfect wildflower for water gardens. This beautiful British plant can often be found growing in ditches, near ponds and in swampy areas. Its official name is Spirea. Spirea has striking white, pink or purple plume-like flowers that are adored by bees, bumblebees and butterflies, and are a Mecca for nectar. The honey made from this nectar source is simply delicious. And did you know that you can also use the flowers in the kitchen? Use them to make delicious cakes or make an infusion with oil to dress salads with. All in all, Meadowsweet is a versatile garden plant and good for wildlife as well as us humble humans. Spirea also has beneficial medicinal properties. Headache or inflammation? The medicinal properties of meadowsweet will quickly relieve you of these aches and pains, as the plant contains chemicals used to make aspirin. Would you like to own this colourful, versatile and easy-to-grow wildflower? Browse through our collection of meadowsweet plants and buy yours online at

Pruning Meadowsweet

Pruning meadowsweet will keep your plants tidy and flourishing. Regular pruning allows your plants to develop a sea of flowers in your garden. Other than that, spirea needs very little care or attention, as it is a very low maintenance plant. When the plants are in full bloom from June to August, the elegant clusters of small mini roses give off a sweet almond-like fragrance that is simply lovely. Plant your plants in a shady or semi-shady spot in humus-rich soil. Spirea is especially lovely growing along garden ponds. Their delicate leaves combine beautifully with ornamental grass, irises and other large leaved plants. Create a little wildlife haven in your garden and buy meadowsweet plants online at

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