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Fuchsia plants for sale

Fuchsia plants are for sale in our online store. Fuchsias are known for their vivid and vibrant coloured flowers; their beautiful exotic blooms are the highlight of many summer gardens in England. Originating from the tropics of the Caribbean and South America, this attractive plant flourishes just as well in our English climate and is suitable for planting containers as well as the garden. Fuchsias develop pendant shaped clusters of flowers that hang elegantly from the stem. Grow them in a delightful cottage garden amidst other summer flowers and this beautiful plant will leave a lasting impression. From July through to October it proudly displays elegant pendant-like flowers; adding a cheerful and colourful touch to any ornamental garden, balcony or terrace.

Pruning fuchsia plants

Pruning your fuchsia plant is important for a nice, long and full bloom during the summer months. Pruning this plant could not be any simpler: just cut the plant back, all the way to the ground. In early spring this garden plant begins its new growth in time to enthusiastically show off her wildflowers by the summer. Most fuchsia varieties are not overly hardy, and therefore and will thrive better inside or in a sheltered garden area. With just a bit of little care, you will have a plant that can bring you much pleasure. An important point to remember though, this beautiful tropical plant will need lots of water during its time of growth and bloom from spring through to summer. Fuchsia plants are for sale along with other summer flowers in our online shop.

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