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Bladder Cherry – Physalis plants for sale UK

Physalis plants are for sale online in the UK. Physalis, also known as Bladder Cherry or Japanese Lantern is a delightfully unusual plant providing a lot of garden interest. The plant develops fruit during summer, which is covered by bright orange paperlike lanterns. Great to use for winter decoration indoors; winter wreaths and dried flower arrangements. Bladder Cherry plants are popular in the UK. The delicate lanterns are stunning. Their bright orange colour mischievous and mysterious by what they hide. The paperlike lanterns of this plant are not flowers. The lanterns are a false fruit that protects the berries inside. Some Physalis species – there are 75 to 90 kinds of species – grow edible fruit. The fruits are rich with vitamin A, and C. Physalis plants belong to the family of Solanaceae or nightshade plants like the tomato, eggplant, and goji berry.

Physalis plant care

Physalis or Bladder Cherry is a low maintenance plant. In fact, this plant grows almost anywhere. They grow very well in poor soil. Flowering from June to July, the show begins when the plant starts developing the bright orange lanterns in August. If you wish to use these lanterns for indoor decoration, don’t leave them on the plant for too long. They can become mouldy and unusable in wet weather conditions. Dry the lanterns, use them in a bouquet, display them in a bowl or attach the dried orange lanterns to fairy lights. Guaranteed success! You can buy Physalis Bladder Cherry plants in our online shop! Have fun gardening!

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