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Oleander For Sale Online UK

Oleander for sale online in the UK. Add a Mediterranean touch to your garden, balcony or terrace. Oleander is a beautiful, evergreen, flowering shrub that thrives in warm climates. There is a great chance that you have admired this beautiful and elegant evergreen during a holiday abroad. From Portugal to Iran, Italy, Southern France to Southwest China. The graceful and fragrant flowers are pure eye-candy to the eyes and nose. This shrub is loved for its rich and long flower display and variety of colour. It is an asset to every garden, balcony or terrace. In Britain Oleander is not winter hardy, which means that it is a container plant and cannot be planted outside in the garden. Plant Oleanders in a large pot so that they can overwinter inside during the winter.

Oleander Care UK

Oleander is easy to care for. In the UK this plant is a container plant. Be sure to give your plants plenty of water and fertiliser during the growing season. They also need humidity to thrive. If you have a pond, place your plants along the edge of the pond, or place bowls of water around the plant for extra humidity. Plants that do not receive enough water start losing their leaves. These turn pale green and then yellow and fall off. Please note that this plant is toxic to humans and animals. Place Oleander in the right spot and this beautiful evergreen plant will give you years of enjoyment.

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