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Pleione bulbs for sale UK

Pleione bulbs for sale. Pleione is a miniature orchid, also known as ‘peacock orchid’ or ‘window sill orchid’ that adds an exotic touch to your garden or balcony. And let's be honest, orchids are the first thing that springs to mind when you think about exotic plants? Available in a large variety of colours, this stunning garden plant is certainly a real gem in your garden, balcony or home. From pure white with a yellow speckled blooms to lilac and white cups: this garden plant is available in about 15 to 20 different colours. They look absolutely planted and grouped in pots on your patio or garden table and are also beautiful rock garden plants and are very hardy.

Pleione orchids care

The Pleione orchid belongs to the family of Orchidaceous plants, one of the largest families of plants known to man. Although orchids have a reputation of being difficult to care for, with a little attention, watering, and proper nutrition, orchids are very rewarding plants. This also applies to the garden orchid. Provide a place with not too much direct sunlight, give plenty of water during the flowering period and keep your plants inside until the weather starts warming up. That’s all really. Your plant will reward you with a mass of stunning flowers and sturdy dark green leaves. Pleione orchids need to overwinter in a cool and dry and frost-free environment. For example, in a greenhouse or conservatory. Even the garden shed is ideal. Your plants will start growing and flowering again come springtime. 

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