Rhizome or Rootstock

What is a Rhizome or Rootstock

A rhizome or rootstock is a root of a plant from which new shoots emerge and from which plants grow. The offshoots emerge from the nodes of the rhizome. Because new plants grow from every node, it is an easy way to propagate new garden plants. The plants that grow from a rhizome have the same characteristics as the parent plant. Plants with subterranean rhizomes are ideal for planting along garden paths, and flower borders as these grow out into lush border edging.

Bare root plants for Sale UK

Bare root plants for sale in the UK. There are many different types of hardy bare root plants available via our website. Some good examples of rootstock plants are Bergenia, Bearded Iris, Canna, Peony, Lily-of-the-Valley, Helleborus, Garden Geraniums (Cranesbill), Water Lily, Gypsophila, Salomon Seal and many more. But also fresh herbs and fruit and vegetables from the garden such as Mint, Rhubarb, Blackberries, Raspberries, Asparagus and Ginger have rhizomes. From Ginger, the rhizome is used to make tea and for cooking – especially popular in Chinese stir-fries.

How to plant rhizomes

Planting rhizome plants is very easy and also very fulfilling. A rhizome grows shoots and roots from its nodes. To propagate, take cuttings and dig a shallow hole in the area where you want to plant the rhizome plant, no deeper than 5 centimetres. Place the rhizome horizontally in the ground. Pour some water into the hole and start filling it in with soil. Turn the rhizome to make sure that the eyes or nodes are facing upwards. Once the planting area is filled with soil, water again.

How to take Rhizome cuttings

The propagation of plants with rhizomes is also called asexual propagation. The best time to take cuttings from rhizome plants is immediately after flowering. It is straightforward to propagate rhizome plants by taking cuttings. To take cuttings, dig up the plant immediately after flowering. When you take a cutting, you will have more success if the cutting also has a bit of stem and two leaves on each piece. Cut the leaves of all pieces well, to reveal the buttons in the leaf nodes. Plant the cuttings in a shallow pot or in the ground. Sandy soil is the best soil type for planting them. Do not plant the cuttings too deeply. It is also possible to propagate these plants by dividing the root clumps with a spade. You can compost older parts of the plant and replant the clumps in another garden spot. Bare root plants and Rhizome plants are for sale online in the UK.



Plantes à rhizomes

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