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Sprekelia bulbs for sale UK

Sprekelia bulbs for sale UK. Plant Sprekelia bulbs in your garden for a touch of mystery and tropical delight. Sprekelia bulbs (Aztec lily) is a native Mexican beauty. The bulbs develop eye-catching bright red coloured flowers which have a reddish-golden glow that add an exotic touch to your garden or conservatory. The vivid red flowers glisten in the sun like the golden Aztec treasures of ancient Mexico, where they used to bloom in the royal gardens of Montezuma. The Aztec lily was introduced to Europe by the Spanish and now flourish in many gardens, balconies and windowsills in Madeira, Spain and the UK.... Chances are you've already seen this plant during your holiday abroad. Resembling Amaryllis, Sprekelia is a unique and exotic summer flowering bulb you really must give a try.

Sprekelia formosissima aztec lily

Sprekelia formosissima aztec lily grows and thrives in full sun. If you wish to grow them in pots or containers, plant at least three bulbs per pot for a spectacular summer flowering display. With about six flowers per stem, this plant flowers lushly. For best results, don’t turn the pots as they grow and develop their stems and form flower buds. Regular watering will help your plants develop well during their growing season. Sprekalia formosissima is a graceful, striking, elegant and opulent beauty that will certainly attract everyone's attention. Would you like to buy Sprekelia? Here’s your chance. They are for sale online in our webshop.

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