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Alstroemerias bulbs planting instructions

Alstroemerias bulbs planting instructions
Posted on 15-12-2023 by lkaratzali_stramark.nl

Alstroemerias summary

Height:  100cm
Spread:  45cm
Time to divide Alstroemeria bulbs:  March to April
Alstroemeria flowering period:  June to July

Well-drained soil

Alstroemeria bulbs always appreciate good, well-drained soil. Alstroemeria bulbs also benefit from a good level of fertilizer as well as plenty of regular watering. Keep feeding them throughout their growing season, and be careful not to let them get too dry.

Full sun to light shade

Too much shade will result in tall, floppy plants with weak stems, so plant your alstroemeria bulbs where they will receive as much.

Alstroemeria maintenance instructions

If your alstroemerias dry out and the leaves turn yellow, you can cut the entire plant down to about 4-8 inches above the ground, and start again. Be sure to get rid of the stems that have formed seed pods.

Watch these expansive growers

Alstroemerias multiply swiftly through underground rhizome-like tubers – this means they can easily grow sideways in your garden. They can quickly outgrow a pot, either breaking it or spilling over the top. Mark the areas where you have planted your alstroemeria bulbs so that you don't dig them up when you are planting in winter. Alstroemerias can freeze. In Britain, you’ll normally have at least the occasional heavy frost, so you need to cover your plants in winter with a substantial layer of mulch (dry straw or shavings, for example). Also, beware of slugs and snails; pre-emptive strikes work best.

Enjoy your alstroemerias again next year

Divide and replant your alstroemeria bulbs in late summer or autumn. Dig out the clump of roots and shake the soil away. Keep the strongest of the whitish rhizomes and roots, and throw away the more feeble ones. Replant your alstroemerias, water in and leave them alone.

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