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Mixed Flower bulbs

Mixed flower bulbs for Sale! Discover our fantastic range of Mixed flower bulbs. Great quality against low prices. Buy Mixed flower bulbs online at
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    Happy Butterfly and Bee mixture (Organic)

    40 ecological bulbs
    £ 9.99 £ 6.99

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    Summer Flower Bulbs mix

    101 Mixed Flower bulbs
    £ 9.99 £ 4.99

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    Summer Flower bulb Surprise pack 3

    100 Mixed Flower bulbs
    £ 249.99 £ 49.99

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    Mixed Summer Bulbs Large Pack

    150 Mixed Flower bulbs
    £ 19.99 £ 9.99

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    Summer Flower bulb Surprise pack 2

    30 Mixed Flower bulbs
    £ 74.99 £ 24.99

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    Mixed Summer Bulbs

    100 Mixed Flower bulbs
    £ 9.99 £ 5.99

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    Mixed Flower bulbs White Sensation Box

    Mixed Flower bulbs White Sensation Box

    100 Mixed Flower bulbs
    £ 14.99

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    Summer Flower bulb Surprise pack 1

    10 Mixed Flower bulbs
    £ 24.99 £ 9.99

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      Mixed flower bulbs are easy to plant with stunning results!

      Our mixed flower bulbs are absolutely stunning and also very practical. With little or no effort, you can enjoy a beautiful flower garden, without having to think about difficult planting combinations. Mixed flower bulbs are available in different colour and flower combinations for optimal results. Choose from our range of spring and summer flowering bulbs, for a beautiful garden, year round.

      Enjoy beautiful flower combinations with our mixed flower bulbs

      Even though every garden have perennials, hedges and shrubs (the gardens backbone) we’re still always confronted by the challenge ‘what to plant’ in the empty spots in the garden. With our ready-to-plant flower bulb combinations, we take care of this challenge. In our webshop you will find many mixed flower bulb combinations to choose from in whites, pinks, blues and yellows, to name but a few. As well as unusual and surprising plant combinations!

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