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Hyacinth bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs for sale! Discover our fantastic range of Hyacinth bulbs. Great quality against low prices. Buy Hyacinth bulbs online at
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Hyacinth Bulb Vase

Hyacinth Bulb Vase

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Hyacinth Bulbs – spring time favourites!

Hyacinth bulbs are spring time favourites and we have a very large range of stunning hyacinths for sale in our web shop. Hyacinthus is the Latin name for the genus of flowers commonly known as hyacinths. The common hyacinth was so popular in the Netherlands in the 18th century, that over 2,000 cultivars were cultivated in Holland during that time. It’s needless to say that, together with tulips and daffodils, hyacinths have always been popular spring flowering bulbs. They are much loved for their striking colours and heady fragrance. Hyacinth bulbs look beautiful in formal bulb plantings, but also look lovely and natural planted nonchalantly here and there in the garden. Hyacinths not only look spectacular in the garden, they are also beautiful pot plants. Hyacinth bulbs can be easily forced indoors during the winter months.

Hyacinth Bulbs for sale

Whether you're a gardening novice or a green-fingered old-hand, when planting hyacinth bulbs, success is guaranteed. Hyacinths are very easy to grow. They require minimal care and are also relatively disease free. All they need is a place in full sun right at the front of border in well-drained soil and they are ready to go. Hyacinth bulbs are guaranteed to add colour and fragrance to your garden. You can use our variety wizard to browse through our hyacinth bulbs selection according to colour, height and so on.

Popular, high quality Hyacinth bulbs

One of our most popular products is the Hyancinthus Fantasy mix, a stunning mixture of blue, red, orange, pink and white flowering hyacinths. If you prefer a quieter display, choose our Multi Level Blue Collection. This mixed flowering bulb collection is an elegant mixture of blue coloured flower bulbs; hyacinths, tulips and muscari bulbs. If you are not sure what will work best in your garden, or could use some inspiration, you can also use the built-in variety wizard by specifying colour and height, when you would like to plant your bulbs, how much light they need, and so on. Whatever you are looking for, just leaf through our expert advice and high quality images. You can easily buy hyacinthus bulbs that suit your garden, patio or any other space using our secure payment options.

Why our Hyacinth bulbs are the best?

The Koeman family began growing tulips in Holland generations ago, and have also been supplying hyacinth bulbs to the UK since 1960. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction - all of our flower bulbs come from reliable, expert growers, and we guarantee that everything we supply will grow and flower. Our hyacinth bulbs are the very best Holland has to offer! So if you’re looking for top quality hyacinth bulbs, you’ve come to the right place, as well as sharing in the expertise we have developed over half century.

When do I receive my hyacinth bulbs?

If you would like to enjoy a garden filled with fragrant hyacinths, you can order them online in our webshop. Simply add the bulbs to your shopping cart and then checkout to complete your purchase. All purchases are processed the next working day, excluding weekends and public holidays, and are delivered throughout the UK by Royal Mail. Your flower bulbs will be delivered to your home within a couple of days. If you need help or support after your purchase, we have a customer services team available on the phone in the UK to help you with any questions you might have. newsletter and Facebook page

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