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Daffodil Bulbs

Daffodil Bulbs for sale! Discover our fantastic range of Daffodil Bulbs. Great quality against low prices. Buy Daffodil Bulbs online at
    Etage Collection Mix 3

    Etage Collection Mix 3

    21 mixed flower bulbs
    £ 9.99
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      Daffodils: cheerful and easy to grow flower bulbs and naturalisation plants!


      No garden is complete without daffodils. And who can resist these cheerful little flowers? Daffodil bulbs are one of the most loved spring flower bulbs available. Their bright little flowers remind us of Easter holidays and fun family times. They are very decorative and so easy to grow. Daffodils will happily thrive in your garden bed and are wonderful container plants. Once planted, you can enjoy these lovely flowers for years on end. That is because daffodils are great naturalisation plants!

      Buy your favourite daffodil at

      Sunny yellow daffodils are widely known and very popular garden flowers. At we are sure to have your favourite bulb in stock. Please also browse through our beautiful collection of lesser known varieties. Daffodil bulbs are available in different stunning colours: yellow, cream, white, mixed and breathtakingly beautiful pink Daffodils. And did you know that there are also double flowering varieties available? Take a look at the Sweet Pomponette Daffodil and the Double Replete!

      With so many varieties to choose from, we are sure to have a daffodil that will suit you and your garden!

      Daffodils are cheerful and easy flower bulbs for naturalisation

      Who can resist the cheerful little Daffodil. Daffodil bulbs are one of the most loved spring flower bulbs. Daffodils remind us of Easter holidays and fun family times. Daffodils are very decorative and easy to grow. Once you planted your daffodil bulbds you can enjoy the pretty daffodil flowers for years on end. Mainly because, in time, Daffodil bulbs multiply and spread for you to enjoy a beautiful array of flowers, with little or no effort. has a large range of daffodil bulbs to choose from

      The yellow Daffodil varieties are widely known. At, you can buy Daffodil bulbs in bulk, 100 daffodil bulbs for a low price. We also sell beautiful, lesser known varieties. Daffodil bulbs in different shades of yellow, as well as white and breathtakingly beautiful pink varieties (Daffodil Replete). You can also choose from single and double flowered varieties. Which means, there is always a Daffodil that will suit you and your garden!

      Daffodils in bulk: botanical and mixed flower bulbs at bargain prices


      If you are looking for bulk deals, you can buy large packs of daffodil bulbs (20, 50 or 100 bulbs) at bargain prices! The Daffodil botanical big bag contains 100 certified organic bulbs. For more variation, we recommend the Mixed Flowerbulbs Big Bag . A stunning mix of 150 different kinds of flower bulbs!

      We have been selling quality Daffodil bulbs since 1960

      The Koeman family has been growing tulips in Holland for generations, and have been supplying quality daffodil bulbs to the UK since 1960. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction - all plants come from reliable, expert growers, and we guarantee that everything we supply will grow and flower. We take environmental issues very seriously, and the knowledge we have built up over the years is unrivalled. When you buy daffodil bulbs from us, you know that you are buying from the best! After your order, your flower bulbs will be safely delivered to you by Royal Mail.

      Please browse through our collection of daffodils now and choose your favourite!

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