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Geranium seeds

Posted on 18-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Geranium summary

Height:  30cm
Spread:  60cm
Time to divide Geranium seeds:  March to May
Geranium flowering period:   May to August

Geranium seeds planting instructions

Well-drained soil

Plant your geranium seeds in average to rich, well-drained soil. Add compost or peat humus to loosen and enrich the soil if necessary; geraniums prefer light, airy soil, but they are very adaptable. Geraniums don’t need much moisture, even once they are growing. When actively growing, geraniums can be watered once or twice a week or as needed if they wilt.

Soil allowed to dry out

Allow the soil to dry out between watering. They are pretty drought-tolerant once established, and most varieties actually prefer being on the dry side.

Full sun

Although they can cope with partial shade, geraniums do best in full sun. Plant your geranium seeds where they will receive a minimum of 6 hours sunlight each day.

Geraniums maintenance instructions

Cutting back old flowering stems will keep your geraniums tidy, and often encourages further blooms. Weed your geraniums regularly.

Enjoy your geraniums again next year

Most hardy geraniums are easily propagated by division, either in spring or autumn. Root cuttings may also be used and should be taken after flowering has finished.

  • Plant the geranium cuttings in a shallow container filled with planting medium, at a depth of about 1.5 inches, and place the container in indirect sunlight.
  • Place a plastic bag over the container to help retain moisture.
  • Open the bag occasionally to avoid overheating, and check the moisture of the planting medium.
  • Add water when necessary, roughly once every two weeks.
  • Test for rooting by pulling gently on the cuttings. If you feel resistance, the roots have taken hold - you can plant the geranium cuttings in potting soil.
  • Plant them at the same depth as the medium and increase their exposure to direct sunlight gradually. Water as needed. When new growth appears, start adding fertilizer.

Our geranium seeds and all our bulbs are delivered with detailed planting instructions.

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