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Canna Peach Blush

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Product description

Canna Peach Blush is an impressively beautiful tropical perennial plant. The soft peach-coloured flowers will add a delicate touch to any outdoor space. Strong and robust, this plant thrives well in warm summers and attracts bees.

Positive points:
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Soft peach-coloured flowers with a delicate appearance.
  • A strong and robust plant that thrives well in warm summers.
  • Easy to propagate by dividing rhizomes.

Points to consider:
  • Plant in a sunny spot in the garden from mid-May.
  • Provide regular feeding for lush blooming.
  • Not winter-hardy in our climate; dig up in the autumn.

Canna lilies are known for their striking appearance and unique flowering pattern, making them popular worldwide. These robust plants feature large, tropical leaves and beautiful, striking flowers in shades ranging from fiery red to soft pastels. They thrive in various climates and are vigorous growers, often reaching a meter in height. Aside from their decorative value, they are versatile and grow well in garden beds and containers. With the right care, they reward gardeners with continuous blooms throughout the growing season, enhancing every outdoor space with their unmistakable beauty and charm.

With the subtle beauty of Canna Peach Blush, your garden will become an oasis of tranquillity and serenity. It will add a touch of enchantment to your garden.


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Delivery time4 Days

Please note that the color in the photo may differ slightly from the actual color due to environmental factors such as lighting during the photo taking.

planting monthMarch
LocationFull sun
Flowering monthJuly
Plant height at purchase (cm)Niet van toepassing
Maximum growth height (cm)120 CM
CharacteristicsSummer bulbs
CategoryCanna bulbs
EAN Code4801288698103
Product code3530-J-111590
Unit1 Plant

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