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Cat Control

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    Cat Shock 200 gr - Ecostyle

    Cat Shock 200 gr - Ecostyle

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      How to prevent cats pooping in the garden

      How to prevent cats pooping in the garden is a frequently asked question. Cat poo and urine not only smells really bad it’s also very unhygienic. Cats especially love freshly turned earth. Making it extra annoying to discover cat poo in your recently cleaned and weeded garden. Cat urine also damages your plants. Mainly because cats like to keep spraying in the same spots. With yellowing and (worst case scenario) dying plants as a result.

      Cat shock: get rid of cats in your garden

      You can get rid of cats in your garden with ease using non toxic Cat Shock and other cat repellents. At you can buy environmentally friendly cat repellents that get rid of cats without harming them or the environment. There are many homemade remedies to repel cats. But commercial cat repellents are more effective at stopping your cat problem than homemade repellents. Leaving you to enjoy a cat free garden in no time.

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