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Planting Amaryllis bulbs

Posted on 15-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Amaryllis bulbs specification

Height:  40-60cm
Spread:  10-25cm
Period for planting Amaryllis bulbs:  October to April
Amaryllis flowering period:      December to June

Planting Amaryllis bulbs - instructions

Amaryllis plants, a warm heart in the middle of winter

With large flowers high on top of the long stems, you will find amaryllis plants warm and striking, especially in the dark winter months and early spring. This special beauty originates in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, but has been one of the favourite choices for the festive months in Europe for years. With its velvety soft petals, it blooms with four to six impressive flowers per stem in white, red, yellow, purple, salmon pink, pink and orange. There are also varieties that are bi-coloured. Amaryllis produce bulbs, and there are few bulbs that bloom with greater exuberance and beauty than amaryllis do. There are also few bulbs that are easier to grow than those of this wonderful plant. But how do you grow amaryllis, and how do you ensure that it will flower long and richly? Can you reuse an amaryllis bulb again? And can you use the blooms of amaryllis as a cut flower?

Amaryllis Dubbelbloemig Rood

How do I grow amaryllis plants?

Amaryllis grows from a bulb just like a tulip, hyacinth or narcissus. Planting bulbs is easy and amaryllis is certainly no exception. Simply plant in good potting soil and allow about a third of the bulb to remain exposed above the soil level. Amaryllis also grows well without potting soil, so long as the plant has moist roots. Amaryllis does not need much care, just water the bulb regularly and provide a nice light spot in the house. Ensure you turn the pot as well so the flower stems grow straight. This is the main difference with other bulb species such as tulip, hyacinth or narcissus; the amaryllis is a bulb for indoors and only thrives at room temperature. After about six to ten weeks - depending on the variety - the amaryllis bulb will begin to flower. It may be useful to support the long stems so that the flowers can stand up nicely, and always plant your amaryllis in a heavy pot. Once in full bloom, the weight of the large flowers can cause the pot to fall and break the stems of the amaryllis. Once planted it needs little care as all the food it needs to grow and thrive is already inside the bulb.

How can I keep an amaryllis bulb?

If you want to keep an amaryllis bulb for the following year, it is important to fertilise it first. Additionally, it is also important to remove the stems immediately after flowering and to cut the stem about two centimetres above the bulb. As long as the stem remains on the bulb, it consumes food. The leaves of the amaryllis can stay on the bulb until they turn yellow as they also play a very important role in the successful reuse of the bulb. Through photosynthesis the plant produces food for the following year from the leaves, so be careful when removing the stem and do not damage the leaves.

Are amaryllis flowers suitable for use in cut displays?

Yes! The star-shaped flowers of the amaryllis are very suitable for use in cut displays. It may be surprising to know that the flowers often last longer when they are in a vase than when they are left on the plant. If you do put the flowers in a vase you can often enjoy them for ten to fourteen days. Did you also know that the stem of an amaryllis plant is hollow? This is ideal to put a stick inside when you want to prevent the stems from breaking easily. The options you have for using your amaryllis as cut flowers are varied. You will often see amaryllis used in Christmas displays and bouquets. Certainly, the red and white varieties used in combination with wintergreen are popular for these festive pieces. Amaryllis is also a real eye-catcher when floating in a bowl of water amid burning tea lights on a party table. The flowers are also great to use outside of Christmas, and a bush will always go well on the dining table in a tall vase. Want to try something really different? Then why not hang the flowers at the top of a rope on a wall? Wrap the stem of amaryllis with a ribbon and fill it with some water to keep the flower vibrant for a long time, and you have your own beautiful wall decoration.

Our amaryllis bulbs, as well as all our other products, are delivered with detailed planting instructions.

Planting Amaryllis bulbs in your garden?
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