Planting Amaryllis bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs specification

Height:  40-60cm
Spread:  10-25cm
Period for planting Amaryllis bulbs:  October to April
Amaryllis flowering period:  December to June

planting Amaryllis bulbsPlanting Amaryllis bulbs - instructions

Well-drained potting soil

How to plant amaryllis bulbs in the UK? Amaryllis bulbs will grow best in indoor pots, in good potting soil. Planting Amaryllis bulbs outdoors? Outdoors Amaryllis bulbs should be planted in rich sandy loam or loamy soil with good drainage, preferably with a pH range between 6.0 and 6.5. For the best results, ensure you plant your amaryllis bulbs in soil that is rich in organic matter.
Once you have planted your amaryllis bulbs, water them sparingly until the sprout is well out of the bulb. Once amaryllis are growing, water them regularly.

Full sun

Planting Amaryllis bulbs should be done in a place where they receive full sun. Amaryllis perform best when they receive as much sun as possible, but they will also tolerate partial shade.

Amaryllis maintenance instructions

You may need to stake your amaryllis once blooms open to provide support. Be careful not to damage the bulb when you insert the stake. Indoors, once the amaryllis blooms you should move it from direct sunlight to prolong blooming.

Cut stalk down when flowering season is over

As amaryllis flowers die, remove them from the stalk. Once they are all gone, cut the stalk down about 2 inches from the top of the bulb. This will allow the bulb to store energy for the next season.
Move potted amaryllis outside after the last spring frost. Put them in a sunny location in their pots, and treat them as you would other house plants, with frequent watering. Remember to bring them inside before the first autumn frost. Store the pots in a dry, dark place for around six weeks, remove leaves as they expire, and don't water them. This will force the plant into a dormant state. After six weeks you can start the cycle from scratch.

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