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Begonia tubers planting instructions

Begonia tubers planting instructions
Posted on 15-12-2023 by lkaratzali_stramark.nl

Begonias summary

Height:  30cm
Spread:  20cm
Time to divide Begonia tubers:  March to May
Begonia flowering period:  June to October

Well-drained soil

In the garden, begonia tubers need rich, porous, well-drained soil as well as shelter from wind. Keep moisture levels in the soil even, and fertilize at least once a month. Water begonias between once a week and once every two weeks. Monitor the dampness of the potting mix and, when you can stick your finger into the mix and not feel any moisture, it's time to water your begonias. Having the roots standing in water will cause your begonias to deteriorate quickly, so don’t overdo it.

Partial shade

Space your begonia tubers 12" apart in shade or partial shade. They can be combined well with ferns, which also tolerate shade.

Begonia maintenance instructions

Keep begonias in small pots. Begonias have small root systems and don’t need repotting often. The best thing to do is to pull the root ball out of the pot every spring, and check to see whether the roots have completely wrapped around the bottom of the pot. If they have, move the begonia plant to a bigger pot.

Remove dead flowers and dried leaves

Watch out for eelworms, aphids, and weevils, although these pests are more likely to trouble bedding plants than those in pots or containers. Keep your begonias in peak condition by removing any dead flowers and dried leaves. All in all, begonia care is not a complicated process.

Enjoy your begonias again next year

Begonia tubers should be dug out and immediately bathed in water after they are lifted. Over the winter, store them in shallow, open trays. If there is a risk of mice or other rodents, place a wire covering over the open trays.

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