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Planting Snowdrop Bulbs (Galanthus) - instructions

Posted on 22-12-2023 by

Galanthus summary

Height: 15cm
Spread: 8cm
Time to plant Galanthus bulbs  November to December
Galanthus bulbs flowering period  February to March

Planting Snowdrop Bulbs (Galanthus) - instructions

Well-drained soil

Planting snowdrop bulbs is preferrably done where the soil drains well. If puddles of water remain 5-6 hours after a hard rain, find another site. Alternatively, amend the soil by adding organic material to raise the level 2-3 inches, which will improve the drainage. Peat moss, compost, ground bark or decomposed manure all do the trick and are widely available. Dig holes and plant the galanthus bulbs roughly 3 inches apart and with their pointed tops 2-3 inches beneath the soil surface. After planting your galanthus bulbs, water them well, soaking the soil thoroughly. Most bulbs will begin to grow roots within just a week or two, but you won't see any movement above the soil until late winter or early spring.

Where to plant snowdrops

Planting Snowdrop bulbs can best be done in full sun to partial shade.

Galanthus maintenance instructions

  • Avoid planting snowdrop bulbs alone - snowdrops like to be together.
  • Congested clumps will ultimately fail to flower.
  • Ensure that neighbouring plants aren’t smothering the galanthus, either with their roots or their leaves.
  • Move the galanthus to a new location if necessary.
  • Galanthus can be planted in the autumn as dormant bulbs if you wish.

Enjoy your galanthus again next year

Leave foliage on for better blooming

When blooming has finished for the season, your galanthus need to store energy for next year's display. Allow the leaves to continue photosynthesizing until they yellow and wither, before removing the worn-out foliage. Trimming still-green foliage will reduce the plants' ability to feed next year's flowers, resulting in fewer, smaller blooms.

Nourish during autumn and winter

Water during the autumn and winter with a water-soluble fertilizer to nourish the bulbs as they develop new roots and top growth. Planting Snowdrop bulbs the right way and nourishing them will make them survive without fertilizer. Providing Snowdrops with extra nutrients encourages more flowers, larger blossoms and longer life for your bulbs.

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