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Gladiolus bulbs

Posted on 18-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Gladioli summary

Height:   90cm
Spread:   8cm
Time to divide Gladiolus bulbs:  April to June
Gladiolus flowering period:  May to August

Gladiolus bulbs planting instructions

Well-drained soil

Gladiolus bulbs should be planted in fertile, well-drained soil. They don't enjoy competing with tree and shrub roots. Before planting gladiolus bulbs, dig complete plant food into the bed. A little fertilizer will help encourage growth, particularly if the soil is poor.

Do not use raw manure

Don't use raw manure as it may spread infection if it has contact with the gladiolus bulbs. Once growing, add mulch to help retain moisture, and to keep weeds under control.

Full sun

Although they prefer full sun, gladioli should still grow successfully in partial shade. Gladioli planted in full sun generally grow straighter, and are less likely to need staking for support.

Gladiolus maintenance instructions

Once planted, your gladioli shouldn’t need too much attention. Gladioli will grow three to four feet tall, but are not a sturdy plant. The heavily-flowered spikes are liable to bend and break, so you should give them protection from the wind if possible. Tie the spikes to plant stakes to avoid damage.
Eliminate weeds early in the season, and beware of the gladiolus thrip - a tiny, black, winged insect (thrips on bulbs should be killed prior to planting). Start watering your gladioli when there are around five leaves on the plants. Rain rarely provides enough moisture for gladioli, so make sure the bed gets an inch of water every week.

Enjoy your gladioli again next year

Gladiolus corms produce new corms above the mother corm, unlike other bulbs, where baby bulbs grow below the mother. In the autumn, dig up gladiolus corms, separate them, and wash and dry. Finally, put them in a cool, dry and dark place until planting time arrives next spring.

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