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Helleborus seeds

Posted on 22-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Helleborus summary

Height:  45cm
Spread:  45cm
Time to plant helleborus seeds:  September to November
Helleborus flowering period:  December to February

Helleborus seeds planting instructions

Well-drained soil

Helleborus seeds require deep, fertile, well draining but moist soil. The soil should have a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. Helleborus seeds can be sown in pots in early autumn, and kept outdoors until at least Christmas as the seeds need to be conditioned by the cold to sprout. The pots can be brought indoors at this point, and the seeds will sprout immediately. If left outdoors, they will sprout in late winter.

Freezing temperature is needed for germination

It is best to start hellebores directly into the ground in an open, protected flowerbed or cold frame outdoors, because a period of freezing temperature (3-6 weeks) is needed for germination. Helleborus seedlings should be transplanted to their permanent site when they are around two inches tall. It takes quite a while for hellebores to become established, after which they shouldn’t be disturbed.

Partial shade

Helleborus seeds should be planted in partial shade, preferably under deciduous trees, as this will allow them to receive sunlight in winter. Make sure you provide your hellebores with some protection from strong winter winds.

Helleborus maintenance instructions

A mulch with organic matter in autumn around your hellebores will feed them throughout the year. If no organic matter is available, 2-3 handfuls of bonemeal or similar can be loosely worked into the surrounding soil. From autumn though to early winter, get rid of any old or diseased foliage. Removing old helleborus flowers will help to conserve strength. Don't do this if you want to collect seed later in the year.
Gardeners troubled by rodents or slugs may need to take precautions, as helleborus seeds and seedlings are seemingly appetizing to such creatures.

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