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Hosta seeds

Posted on 22-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Hostazaad summary

Height:  16cm
Spread:  30cm
Time to divide Hosta plants:  August to March
Hosta flowering period:  July to August

Hosta seeds planting instructions

Well-drained slightly acid soil

Hostas grow best in rich, organic, well-drained soil. A loamy soil may not any fine-tuning, but most gardeners will need to add organic material. Ideally, the soil will have a slightly acidic pH. Apply 6 inches of organic matter and till it into your new hosta bed. Materials such as compost, leaf mold, well-rotted manure, peat moss, composted pine bark can be used. The addition of organic matter has the added benefit of raising the bed – this will improve drainage for your hostas.

Partial shade

Hostas are considered to be shade-tolerant plants, but will not normally flourish if grown in deep shade. Hostas do best when they receive sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Generally, blue-leafed hostas require shade, whilst gold, yellow, and white-leafed hostas can put up with more sun.

Hosta maintenance instructions

At least one inch of water per week is recommended. This can come from rain, irrigation, or hand watering. Hostas grown in sandy soil may require more water due to the added drainage provided by these conditions. Watering hostas on a regular basis, early in the day, is the best policy.
Slugs and snails are the most common pests with hostas.

Enjoy your hostas again next year

Divide hostas when no shoots are growing from the center of the mature clump. Lift the entire hosta clump and rinse the soil off the roots. Cut with a sharp knife to make the divisions. Spring is the easiest time to divide plants because new shoots are only a few inches high and the leaves have not yet expanded. Keep newly divided hostas well watered for the first two weeks, especially if there is a period of drought.

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