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Lenten rose

Posted on 27-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Lenten rose summary

Height: 45cm
Spread: 45cm
Time to divide Lenten rose plants:  October to January
Lenten rose flowering period:  February to April

Lenten rose (Helleborus Orientalis) planting instructions

East side planting for morning sun

Lenten rose plants are great under trees like the Japanese maple, which has low-spreading branches offering great shade for the roses. Make sure, however, that you plant them on the east side of your home (when possible) because the morning sun and the afternoon shade are the perfect environment for Lenten roses.

Well-drained soil, compost and cool roots

Also, make sure that you plant them in well-drained soil. Keep them away from soil that is wet continually, and also away from clay soil. Your plant will reward you well if, in the spring, you place a few inches of compost (or mulch if you don't have any compost) at the base of the plant. The roots need to remain cool and moist and the compost should do the trick nicely.
This is a flower that can have seed pods and still be blooming.

Enjoy your Lenten Rose next year and increase the number of plants

If you want to increase your number of plants, divide them in the late summer or very early autumn. You will probably see blooms in the spring because the flower buds have already formed for the next year. When seedlings start popping up (and they will) remove them immediately or they will become invasive in a hurry.
You can expect your Lenten roses to bloom in colours ranging from light pink to a deep wine color, and some may even be speckled.

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