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Peony rhizomes

Posted on 27-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Peonies summary

Height: 80cm
Spread: 80cm
Time to plant Peony rhizomes  February to March
Peony rhizomes flowering period  June to July

Peony rhizomes planting instructions

Keep flowers dry

Peonies need well-draining soil. If water is allowed to stand on the crown or around the roots, rot will set in, and the plant will decline and possibly die.

Fertilize and drain soil

Peonies are heavy feeders and prefer a heavy, fertile soil. However, you should ensure that drainage is as good as possible. Peonies will certainly benefit from the addition of organic material and compost into the planting hole.

Fertilize planting hole

The planting hole should be at least 18 inches deep and roughly 18 inches wide. At the bottom, add a 4 inch layer of organic matter such as compost, pine bark, or well-aged manure. Half a cup of a good plant food, bone meal or superphosphate should be mixed into this (you should avoid adding fertilizer to soil that will be in direct contact with peony roots).

Plant rhizome no deeper than two inches facing upwards, water thoroughly

Fill the hole half way with a mix of garden soil and compost, and then set the peony rhizome in place with the eyes facing upwards. Spread the roots outward and evenly, then water thoroughly. Make sure the eyes will be no deeper than two inches when planting is completed, or your peony may fail to bloom. After the division or plant is in place, work the soil in around the roots, finish filling the hole, and then water again.

Full sun

Plant your peonies in a sunny location.

Maintenance of your Peonies

Restrain form cutting young peony and avoid cutting leaves

If the plant is doing well and the soil is basically fertile, peonies do not need regular fertilization.
Although peony flowers are irresistible as cut flowers, don’t get carried away! Restraint is particularly crucial for young peonies. When cutting peony flowers, it is pretty much impossible to avoid cutting the leaves. These leaves are critical to the peony, so take flowers sparingly from each plant and leave as much foliage as possible.

Mulch in early spring

Mulching around your peonies helps sustain a constant moisture level in the soil. This is particularly important in early spring when peony flower buds are growing.

At the end of each growing season the foliage should be removed from the peony growing area.

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