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Planting tulip bulbs

Posted on 27-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Tulip summary

Height: 30cm
Spread: 15cm
Planting Tulip bulbs  September to December
Tulip bulbs flowering period  February to March

Planting tulip bulbs - instructions

For planting tulip bulbs use well-drained loamy, airy soil

Tulips appreciate well-drained loamy, airy soil. You can improve the soil composition with peat moss (mix 2 lbs of Canadian peat moss into each square yard of the planting area). Heavy or clay soil benefits from the addition of sand as this improves drainage. Tulip bulbs will not tolerate standing water.

Add bone meal to every planting hole and keep moist

Dig individual holes or a trench 6-8 inches deep. Add 1 tablespoon of bone meal for each tulip bulb. Plant the bulbs pointed side up and 5-6 inches apart, then cover them with soil. After planting, water tulip beds until the soil is thoroughly moist to help encourage root formation. Cover with a 1 inch layer of mulch to protect the soil and retain moisture.

Full sun to light shade

Plant your tulip bulbs where they will receive full sun to light shade.

When to plant tulip bulbs

Planting tulip bulbs can best be done between the beginning of September and the end of December. During this period you have the best chance of getting these beautiful flowers in the spring.

Tulip bulb maintenance and care

Water in autumn and prior to blooming

Tulip beds need watering after planting in the autumn, in early spring prior to blooming, and again when blooming is over. Tulip beds need additional watering during any long dry periods in the winter with no rain or snow. After your tulips bloom, keep the beds watered to stop the surface soil cracking.

Cut tulips when petals fall off and remove petals form bed

Cut tulip stems when the first petals begin to fall off. Don’t let fallen petals stay in the bed; this keeps the garden tidy and prevents blight. Non-flowering single-leaf shoots are stragglers from weak old bulbs and can be removed.

Planting tulip bulbs and enjoying them year after year

Leave foliage on and plant annuals among tulips 

You can dig out tulip bulbs or leave them in the ground for 2-3 years. Bulbs left in the ground produce smaller flowers next year. Either way, plant annuals among the tulip foliage when waiting for the plants to die back. Don’t cut back the tulip leaves - allow the foliage to die down so the nutrients from the leaves can replenish the bulb.

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