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Snail Control

Snail Control for sale! Discover our fantastic range of Snail Control. Great quality against low prices. Buy Snail Control online at
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    Escar-go snail repellent

    Escar-go snail repellent

    1 pack for only
    £ 14.99

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    Natria Snail Pesticide 1 kg - Solabiol SBM

    Natria Snail Pesticide 1 kg - Solab..

    1 pack for only
    £ 15.99

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    Escar-Go Snail Control 500 gr - Ecostyle

    Escar-Go Snail Control 500 gr - Eco..

    1 pack for only
    £ 10.99

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    Escar-Go Snail Control 200 gr - Ecostyle

    Escar-Go Snail Control 200 gr - Eco..

    1 pack for only
    £ 5.99

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      Get rid of snails and slugs

      Get rid of garden snails and slugs effectively with snail bait. There are a number of ways you can get rid of these garden pests. The most efficient way would be to pick them up and throw them away. At least 20 meters according to an article in the Telegraph. Throwing them in your neighbours garden isn’t an option. Firstly, it’s not far enough. Secondly, it’s just not a very neighbourly thing to do.

      Get rid of snails successfully 100% with snail pellets

      The most successful way to get rid of snails is to use snail pellets. Using snail bait or snail pellets is a cheap and effective way to combat snails and slugs. Just a tiny few pellets sprinkled around each plant works 100%. Our snail control products are safe and easy to use. And are unharmful to children and pets. Snail bait can also be used around edible crops (the ones that snails seem to enjoy so much). Please read the product information and instructions on our website carefully to be sure you buy the product that best suits your needs.

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