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    Garlic Sativus (Allium sativum)

    4 pieces only
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    Garlic Pink

    Garlic Pink

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      Garlic Sativus (Allium sativum)

      Garlic (Allium sativum) has a strong and delicious flavour and can be used in just about any recipe you want. Plus it has gorgeous flowers to boot! There really is nothing more satisfying than growing your own garlic. Did you know that each little garlic clove produces a new garlic head?

      Growing your own garlic is very rewarding

      Growing your own garlic is very rewarding. Garlic grows best in a sunny spot. Stop watering after 4 to 5 months (when the leaves start to yellow and wither) and wait for two weeks before harvesting them. Harvested garlic heads need to be left to dry for approximately two weeks, after which you can clip them and store them in a well ventilated area. Growing your own garlic is immensely satisfying and you can store and use garlic for at least 6 months after harvesting.

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