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Jerusalem Artichoke

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Jerusalem Artichoke plants for sale?

Jerusalem artichokes plants for sale. Did you know that the Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is actually a sunflower? Also known as ‘sunroot’ or ‘earth apple’, this beautiful plant is an unusual winter vegetable you definitely must try. It is a versatile vegetable that can be eaten raw or be added to salads, either cooked or baked. It is a definite compliment to fish recipes. There are also many soup recipes you can try. For cooking, peeling is unnecessary. In addition to its unique flavour, Jerusalem artichokes are also very nutritious and therefore very beneficial to your health. Would you like to grow Jerusalem artichoke plants in your garden? Browse through our selection in our webshop and buy Jerusalem Artichokes online at

Jerusalem artichoke plant care

Jerusalem artichoke plants require very little maintenance to thrive. They are one of the easiest vegetables to care for. Simply plant them in April in full sun in a forgotten area of your vegetable garden. Other than that, they require very little attention and have no special needs in regards to what kind of soil they grow in. You don’t even need to take crop-rotation into account. You can plant the tubers in the same spot year after year and they still grow well. This was why this vegetable used to be known as the poor man’s plant, they are so easy to grow. After planting in April, the tubers can be harvested during the winter. An additional benefit is that this lovely plant is very winter hardy. In fact; like parsnips, the tubers actually taste better after a light frost. Is your curiosity aroused? Do you have a leftover patch in your vegetable garden? Buy your plants today! Jerusalem artichokes are for sale online at

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