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      Asparagus plant for sale online UK

      Asparagus plant for sale in the UK via our online web shop. If you love cooking with asparagus officinalis, then this vegetable is definitely one you want to grow in your vegetable garden. The white and green varieties have been cultivated in the UK for centuries. Although this vegetable is not the easiest to cultivate, the harvest is really worth the effort. They grow best in a sunny to partial shady vegetable plot in sandy or loamy soil. Harvest the vegetable during spring, as the spears of the plant appear above ground. If you don’t harvest, the plant grows yellow bell flowers which develop in orange-red berries. You can find wild asparagus growing along the coastal regions in the UK. The wild variety is endangered in the wild, so we do not recommend you pick these.

      Cooking with Asparagus

      Cooking with asparagus is very simple. Most of the work consists of peeling and cutting off the woody stems. Classically asparagus is served with ham, eggs, butter sauce and parsley. Or served with finely cut salmon tartare, chives and lemon juice. Delicious! This vegetable is popular throughout Europe and is known as white gold or the queen among vegetables. After peeling, simply steam the spears for 10-15 minutes. Bring water to a boil, place the vegetables in the pan and cook them until tender on a low heat. Alternatively roast them on a grill. You can buy white and green asparagus online in our webshop. Have fun (vegetable) gardening!

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