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Iris bulbs

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Iris Reticulata

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Iris Hollandica Mix
Ixia Spotlight

Ixia Spotlight

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Buy Iris bulbs online?

Buy Iris bulbs online at Of course you’re looking for the highest quality flower bulbs available. Irises are old-time garden favourites. Their stunning flowers bloom in a beautiful array of colours. Whether you’re looking for Dutch Irises or Bearded Irises, you can choose your favourite amongst our wide range of Iris hollandica and Iris germanica bulbs. Irises are very beautiful and elegant garden plants. They are easy to care for, strong and a real garden asset.

Iris germanica (Bearded iris or German iris)

Iris germanica (Bearded iris or German iris) are spectacular easy-to-grow and colourful spring flowering plants. Their flowers bloom in the most amazing jewel toned colours. Most hybrids are also fragrant. They are excellent bee and butterfly plants and make wonderful cut flowers. Plant Iris germanica bulbs in a sunny spot in fertile, well drained, garden soil. Deadhead after flowering and prune back the wilted foliage in autumn. Keep your Iris germanica healthy and productive by dividing the plant every two to three years and replanting the healthy clumps.

Iris hollandica (Dutch iris)

Iris hollandica (Dutch iris) is smaller than its German relative and non-fragrant. But that doesn’t make this beautiful plant less spectacular. Dutch irises add bright splashes of colour to your spring garden. Their flowers range from royal purple, bright topaz blues and dusty pinks and each bloom is complimented with streaks of rich golden yellow. Their size makes them ideal for cutting and adding to spring flower bouquets. Plant Iris hollandica bulbs in the sun or semi shade in fertile, well drained, garden soil. Deadhead after flowering and prune back the wilted foliage in autumn. Keep your Iris hollandica healthy and productive by regularly dividing the plant and replanting the clumps.

Extend the iris flowering season by planting different species in the garden

By planting different species of irises in the garden, you can extend the flowering season in the garden from early spring well into summer.

  • Dwarf irises (Iris reticulata) flower early in spring and naturalise easily. Plant them together with crocus bulbs for stunning spring colour!
  • Dwarf irises are followed by flowering bearded irises (Iris Germanica). Bearded irises flower in May and June and re-flowering is encouraged by regularly removing faded flowers and cutting back spent flower stems.
  • Dutch irises (Iris hollandica) flower from late spring till early summer.

Iris hollandica en Iris germanica are also wonderful to grow as cut flowers.

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