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Freesia bulbs

Freesia bulbs for sale! Discover our fantastic range of Freesia bulbs. Great quality against low prices. Buy Freesia bulbs online at
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    Freesia Double Mix

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      Freesia Bulbs for Sale

      Freesia bulbs are for sale via our online garden centre. Freesias are native to South Africa. They are exotic and elegant summer flowering bulbs that smell beautifully. This is one of the main reasons florists love using these beautiful flowers in bouquets, as they can perfume a room with ease. Freesias are ideal bulbs for planting in a fragrant spring garden. Freesia bulbs bloom from July to August. It is a shame that we do not see them as often in our gardens. They have an air of elegant beauty about them. The trumpet-like flowers bloom on delicately arched stems, surrounded by slender fresh green leaves. Because they are summer flowering bulbs, Freesias are ideal container plants. Plant them in different kinds of pots and containers for placement on your garden table – where you can enjoy their perfume – and on your terrace, balcony and other seating areas.

      Freesia Care and Planting

      Another benefit for growing Freesia bulbs is that they are low-maintenance plants. They are easy to care for and also extremely drought resistant. Plant Freesias corms approximately 2 cm deep in organically rich, fertile garden soil or use a good quality potting soil. For planting in containers, allow for good drainage, as you do not wish your bulbs to rot standing in water. You can add some grit to the soil to allow for extra drainage. Give Freesias a little support using canes to keep the arched flower stems and leaves upright. You can place your plants in full sun to partial shade to enjoy. They are also suitable for growing in rock gardens because they are sun-loving and drought-resistant plants. Freesias are not winter hardy in our UK gardens and so they cannot be left to naturalise in the garden. Because Freesias are not winter hardy, we recommend planting Freesia corms in a greenhouse from March and outside from April onwards. Allow the bulbs to overwinter in a frost-free environment as soon as the weather turns and frost sets in. You can fertilise Freesia plants with the same fertiliser you use for tomatoes or vegetables. Although they do not require fertilisation if you have planted them in pots with quality potting soil. Did you know that Freesias are also suitable to grow as house plants? They make beautiful gifts too. If you wish to have them flowering during winter indoors, plant them in late autumn.

      Freesia Tigridia

      The most popular Freesia plants are the double flowering kind and Freesia Tigridia, commonly known as Tiger Flower. Tigridia blooms are exotic and unusual, sporting beautiful spots at the centre of their flower cups. Via our webshop, you can buy organic Freesia Double Mix and a mixed bag of Freesia Tigridia. These mixed flower bulbs are a beautiful, high-quality mix of scented and large flowering yellow, red and white coloured Freesias. They are truly spectacular and eye-catching in any garden. Freesias are beautiful stand-alone plants and are easy to combine with other flower bulbs and garden perennials.

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